Armor vs Sword



Sometimes the same person can be both.



Goodbyes are hard

the last hug

the voice a memory

the last sentence in a series

It hurts most when it goes beyond words

when they’ve let go of the journey

when they’re not looking back

Goodbyes wrinkle the heart

that’s why hello takes so much courage


MJ Abraham

Cover Reveal! The Coordinates of a Dream.


Title: The Coordinates of a Dream
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: July 28, 2015
Ebook: $0.99 USD
Designed by: Najla Qamber Designs

Inspired by human perception and the complicated emotions of the heart, MJ Abraham weaves tenderness and empowerment with all the complexities that make up our relationships.

Her debut collection of poetry includes a spark of hope, the sadness of loss, vulnerability mixed with strength, and the type of romance we crave.

Each poem takes you on a journey between our imperfect world to the realization that dreams are what we make of them.

Magic does exist; it runs through us like a wild, fiery current.

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I had so much fun working on this with Najla. As usual, her patience and dedication for her client’s vision is always appreciated! My inspiration came from three separate pieces of art work I’d come across online. I decided not to have any models on the cover and instead focus on elements that surround us each and every day. As the blurb suggests, the book will have a mix of love AND loss, something that I believe everyone has felt at different points in their life. Whichever path you’re on now, I hope you’ll find you can relate to my words.

Many of the poems that I’ve shared on Instagram will be included, but I’ll also be publishing several new ones. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to have all my favorites formatted for ebook and print!

As a thank you for your support, I’m doing a giveaway for a $25 Amazon or B&N Gift card. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and check out the Rafflecopter link below. I’ll pick a winner 6/7/15… good luck!

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A wild, fiery current

She was the kind of elegance

That would never tarnish.

A mixture of lace and mesh,

Like a classic heirloom that begged to be worn.

She was sharp intellect and quick wit.

The type of woman that spoke her mind,

Even if it shook.

(Or even if no one was listening.)

She was beautiful.

But not someone you’d see in magazines,

Her hips were too wide, her hair a mess of wispy tendrils,

(Rather, she was actually very ordinary.)

My, was she stubborn! She’d drive you mad!

(Sometimes, you’d probably call her crazy.)

But mostly, her laughter was a joyful moments.

Like a warm towel fresh from the dryer,

Or finding a twenty-dollar bill in your winter coat.

And that was the true revelation.

That magic does exist,

It ran through her like a wild, fiery current.image

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* Author’s Note *

This isn’t the first poem I write but it is the first one I decide to share as “an author” and on social media. It’s also one of my personal favorites. It’s not inspired by anyone in particular, but there’s something about it that reminds me a little of every one I know. Everyone woman I admire. None of us are perfect but all of us are fierce.