Why blog?

With there being an “About Me” section on the blog, I didn’t want my first post to be “All About Me”. And anyways, your best chance of getting to know me is simply by interacting with me (social media is where it’s at!). So instead, I’ve decided to start off with why I blog.

I started blogging while in college as a way to journal, and the internet was the easiest way to do it. There weren’t too many posts and it wasn’t about anything interesting. It was, as writing has always been for me, just a way to get my thoughts out. Later that blog became a journal about my son and motherhood but it wasn’t until he was two years old (2010) that I started a blog to review books. That was when I learned how BIG the blogging community was and how many amazing people are out there – so passionate about the written word. While I was no stranger to blogging itself, I was a stranger to book blogs and I am so thankful that I did that for two years and for all the wonderful people I’ve met. Thanks to bloggers, I learned about “Independent Publishing” and realized “holy crap! I can finally publish some of my work!” I put reviewing aside and began working on two contemporary romance novels that I self published in 2013.

So why am I here starting yet another blog under my author name? Two reasons:

1. As a mother, wife, and full time employee (not writing) my time is limited. My favorite thing to write is fictional stories and I know that I will never stop writing them but I can’t always work on them. My writing process is not really considered a “process” I work on them when I can. You’re probably thinking you should be working on stories instead of blogging (and I get that) but sometimes it just isn’t that easy. I need silence, I need time. I can write a quick blog post on my phone or during a lunch break. I can’t concentrate on my characters the same way.

2. This blog won’t just be ramblings (promise!) It will have info on my books, stories, and poetry as they come to me.

This isn’t a woe is me post, it just is what it is. I blog because I love to write. Because I have to write something. Words won’t let me go, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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