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How to not piss off a book blogger when requesting a review

Cinthia Ritchie

When my book Dolls Behaving Badly published a few years ago, I was a first-time author. I was so naive! I knew nothing about promotion or blogging or the importance of reviews. I assumed that the publisher would take care of everything and that I would sit back and bask in the glow and glory of my new-found success.

Well, hee, hee, I had obviously assumed wrong. A few weeks after my publication date found me desperately contacting book bloggers, begging and pleading for them to please, please, please take the time to read and review my book, feature me on their blogs or include me, at the very last minute, in their bloghops.


Luckily, enough of them took pity on me so that I was able to pull in enough reviews and promotions that my book didn’t totally fall flat on its face (or should I say on its…

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Goodbyes are hard

the last hug

the voice a memory

the last sentence in a series

It hurts most when it goes beyond words

when they’ve let go of the journey

when they’re not looking back

Goodbyes wrinkle the heart

that’s why hello takes so much courage


MJ Abraham


*In honor of the horrific terrorist attacks made on this beautiful city November 13, 2015*

She’s a showcase full of beauty

that reaches such great heights

a place where thousands visit

naming her “The City of Lights”

Yet on a Friday, in November

a sadness fills her heart

to see that evil  still exists

and seems to be the start

As the fear grows all around her

in the shadows people hide

backing up into their homes

and holding hands, they cry

Her eyes grow too heavy

to hold the teardrops in

and watch her children suffer

the way that humanity sometimes did

While her spirit turns the lights off

around the world support has grown

for we find in times of terror

we don’t have to stand alone.

MJ Abraham